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BACKPACKERS is all about offering the children of Chesham 4 days of great fun & excitement in a Christian environment; exposing the children to the great news of Jesus Christ and showing them that being a Christian is not dull!

WHEN? First full week of the Summer Holidays
For Helpers: Tuesday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm; for Children: Tuesday to Friday 10.00am to 3.40pm
WHERE? Thomas Harding School, Germain Street, Chesham
WHO FOR? Children aged 5-11 (Reception to Year 6) from HP5 postcode or Chesham Schools or Churches
WHO BY? Organised and Supported by Churches Together for Chesham:
Broadway Baptist
Chesham Methodist Church
Christ Church
Emmanuel Church
Hope Church
The King's Church
Ley Hill Methodist
St Columba's
St George's
St John's (Ashley Green)
St John's (Bellingdon)
St Mary's
Friends Meeting House
Trinity Baptist
United Reform Church


In 1989 Chesham Local Ecumenical Council felt that the time was right to positively implement, through the organisation of a Holiday Bible Club, the words of St Matthew's Gospel, chapter 19 verse 14 "Jesus said "Let the children come to me and do not stop them because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”. An initial planning committee was formed in January 1990 which made detailed recommendations to the Council in July 1990. The BACKPACKERS' Committee met for the first time in September 1990.

After much discussion, the BACKPACKERS' Committee felt that the all-embracing aim should be "to provide up to 340 children (this has varied over the years) with a "POSITIVE CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE " that would lay the basis for a personal commitment now or at some time in their future lives ".

This overall aim would encompass the following (not in order of priority):

For the Children:
1. To bring young people together in love and friendship
2. To demonstrate that Christianity is not dull but FUN!
3. To learn about JESUS
4. To show that Jesus is vital for living today
5. To encourage the children to think about themselves and Jesus
6. To make the children aware of their worth to God
7. To open their minds to the Love of God
8. To give the opportunity for a positive response to Jesus
9. To encourage membership of Christian Youth Groups

For the Churches and the Helpers:
• A witness to our town
• Growth in Fellowship between the Churches
• Fostering understanding and co-operation
• Outreach to parents
• Increased knowledge of the children and their needs.

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Backpackers is organised by a team of helpers from churches in and around Chesham as part of a Chesham Ecumenical Association. Registered Charity No. 1013519